Community Hanukkah Celebration

Sunday, December 13 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm on Zoom

Join CoM and TBI on Sunday, December 13th as we celebrate Hanukkah with storytelling, singing, and the first Annual Hanukkah Hanukiah-Menorah pageant! We’ll finish with a community Zoom Hanukiah-Menorah lighting.

M e n o r a h - P a g e a n t

Go Wild and Crazy!

Don't wait until the last minute! Plan now for your entry in the Hanukiah-Menorah Pageant. Be creative! Be ordinary! It's your choice. Build your menorah, hanukiah-menorah, hanukiah or whatever you call it using any materials you like, any way you like! Here are a few examples to get your mind going but we know you can think of tons more ideas. Your menorah, hanukiah-menorah or hanukiah doesn't have to be functional or even three-dimensional. A drawing or painting can be submitted as well. Enter one of these categories: under 6 years, 7-12 years or 13 and up. Prizes ( gift cards) will be awarded for the most original designs to two people in each category and one “Best” winner will be chosen from all categories.
For the Best in Show Winner
2 Prizes - A $36 Amazon gift card and a container of Honey Land 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Golan Heights.

This is a 13.5 oz. container of pure, Holy Land extra virgin olive oil. The oil extraction process at Kibbutz G’shur includes complete control over every step, from the plantation location and type of soil, through the production of seedlings, careful growth of trees to harvest process, stopping fat and keeping it in stainless steel tanks in a modern olive press. The careful oil extraction process takes place without human intervention. This guarantees superior oil quality and ensures taste and aroma that meets the needs of both chefs of gourmet cuisine and home cook alike. Kosher For Passover

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