L’Shanah Tovah!

Please join us for an exciting and uplifting High Holiday experience for Jews of all ages, presented by the Congregation of Moses and Shirat Haruach (Song of the Spirit). Rick Recht, Shira Kline and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky will lead us in song and prayer. Everyone is invited to join us – members, their families, friends, students and community members.

Simply click on the video window to view services. You do not need to sign up in advance to attend.

Shirat Haruach services are approximately one hour in length and contain joyful musical prayer.

Should you prefer something more traditional, Rabbi Spivak and Cantor Hendler will lead services from the Congregation of Moses, with some congregants participating who have pre-recorded their parts. Just click on the livestream window to join services.

Special Thanks

High Holiday services are made possible through the efforts of the following people.

Gary Adelman
Rod Anderson
Michelle Angel
Judah Ari-Gur
Pnina Ari-Gur
Maxine Berke
Gail Brot
Art Feinberg
Mazal Haus
Rachel Haus
Shira Haus
Cantor Jon Hendler
Brad Hershbein
Emily Hoffman
Phil Horwich
Andrea Johnson
Susan Katz-Scheinker
Sharon Kaufman
Brad Kennedy
Carolyn Kennedy
Rob Lando
Dennis Means
Shirley Mengel
Earl Norman
Tamara Norman
Bruce Patrick
Al Rosenthal
Judy Davis Rosenthal
Arlen Rubin
Laurel Scheidt
Rabbi Harvey Spivak
Julia Strauss
Mike Tenenbaum
Adam Weiner
Allison Weiner
Shirley Wise

The schedule for family High Holiday services with Shirat Haruach is as follows:

Rosh Hashanah – September 19
Family Service with Shirat Haruach, Saturday, September 19th – Pre-recorded so you can tune in at your convenience

Yom Kippur – September 27-28
Family Service with Shirat Haruach, Monday, September 28th- Pre-recorded so you can tune in at your convenience

Services for Sukkot and Simchat Torah can be found here.

Rosh Hashanah Services with Shirat Haruach

Stories for Young Children

Watch CoM member Adam Weiner read a High Holiday story entitled What A Way to Start A New Year.

Julia Strauss shares a Rosh Hashanah story, Sammy Spider’s First Rosh Hashanah.

CoM Librarian Rachel Haus reads a story about Tashlich, Jackie and Jesse and Joni and Jae.

CoM member Julia Strauss shares the story Talia and the Very Yum Kippur.

Librarian Rachel Haus shares a story about making amends, called Never Say A Mean Word Again.

Family Resources for the High Holidays

We’ve gathered everything here – books, videos, crafts – on one page for families to enjoy!

PJ Library has a whole page dedicated to the Jewish holidays. Each holiday has its own page where you can explore the meaning of the holiday and fun family activities. And this year, they have put together a special guide on how to celebrate the holidays at home. You can download your own guide here.

Rosh Hashanah
  • To check out the list of resources available from PJ Library, click here.
  • Shalom Sesame has an entire playlist of videos about Rosh Hashanah available to view on YouTube.
  • Shaboom is a great channel on YouTube for Jewish families to find fun videos and cartoons. For Rosh Hashanah, you can learn how to Dip the Apple, the Rosh Hashanah Blessings, and view their Rosh Hashanah special.
  • Kveller has an article about five Rosh Hashanah crafts that won’t leave your house a mess.
  • Family Fun Crafts has an archive of various Rosh Hashanah crafts to do with your family.
  • Tashlich with the kids, from PJ Library
  • Fisher Library Books
    • Picture and Board Books (ages 0-6)
      • Happy Birthday, World: A Rosh Hashanah Celebration by Latifa Berry Kropf
      • Mitzi’s Mitzvah by Gloria Koster
      • Apple Days: A Rosh Hashanah Story by Allison Soffer
      • The Apple Tree’s Discovery by Peninnah Schram
      • Big Sam: A Rosh Hashanah Tall Tale by Eric Kimmel
      • Engineer Ari and the Rosh Hashanah Ride by Deborah Bodin Cohen
      • Even Higher by Isaac Leib Peretz
      • Gershon’s Monster: A Story for The Jewish New Year by Eric Kimmel
      • Happy New Year, Beni by Jane Breskin Zalben
      • How the Rosh Hashanah Challah Became Round by Sylvia Epstein
      • New Year at the Pier: a Rosh Hashanah Story by April Halprin Wayland
      • Sammy Spider’s First Rosh Hashanah by Sylvia Rouss
      • The Secret Shofar of Barcelona by Jacqueline Dembar Greene
      • Talia And the Rude Vegetables by Linda Elovitz Marshall
      • What’s the Buzz? by Allison Ofanansky
      • The World’s Birthday by Barbara Diamond Goldin
    • Chapter Books (ages 7-10)
      • Sliding into the New Year by Dori Weinstein
Yom Kippur
  • To check out the list of resources available from PJ Library, click here.
  • Shaboom has a video entitled “Really, Really Sorry: For Yom Kippur, the Sparks say SLICHA!”
  • Learn about the meaning of Yom Kippur with Jumping Jerusalem’s video about the meaning of the holiday
  • Families with young children can learn about alternatives to fasting with this article from My Jewish Learning
  • Fisher Library Books
    • Picture and Board Books (ages 0-6)
      • All About Yom Kippur by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler
      • Does God Forgive Me? by August Gold and Diane Hardy Waller
      • The Hardest Word: A Yom Kippur Story by Jacqueline Jules
      • K’tonton’s Yom Kippur Kitten by Sadie Rose Weilerstein
      • Oh No, Jonah! by Tilda Balsley
      • Red, Blue and Yellow Yarn: A Tale of Forgiveness by Miriam Kosman
      • Sammy Spider’s First Yom Kippur by Sylvia Rouss
      • Sneakers to Shul by Floreva G. Cohen
      • Talia and the Very Yum Kippur by Linda Marshall
      • Yom Kippur: A Family Service by Judith Abrams
      • Yom Kippur Shortstop by David Adler
      • Yussel’s Prayer – A Yom Kippur Story by Barbara Cohen
    • Chapter Books (ages 7-10)
      • Finders Weepers by Miriam Chaikin
      • First Fast by Barbara Cohen
      • Scarlett And Sam: Whale Of A Tale by Eric Kimmel
    • Young Adult Books (ages 11-18)
      • The Atonement of Mindy Wise by Marilyn Kaye
  • To check out the list of resources available from PJ Library, click here
  • BimBam has created their own LEGO Sukkot movie
  • Shalom Sesame has kids talk about Sukkot, a video were Noam and his family build their Sukkah, and an explanation of Hachnasat Orchim by Avigail and Brosh
  • My Jewish Learning has an article dedicated to celebrating Sukkot with kids
  • If you are looking for environmentally friendly craft ideas for decorating your Sukkah, check out this blog post
  • Tap into Sukkot with this video
  • Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for decorating your Sukkah, including this collection of ideas
  • Fisher Library Books
    • Picture and Board Books (ages 0-6)
      • Sukkot Is Coming! by Tracy Newman 
      • Tamar’s Sukkah by Ellie Gellman 
      • Let’s Build a Sukkah by Madeline Wiklerand Judyth Saypol Gronerl 
      • The Big Sukkah by Peninnah Schram
      • Bubbe Isabella and the Sukkot Cake by Kelly Terwilliger
      • Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express by Deborah Bodin Cohen 
      • Is It Sukkot Yet? by Chris Barash 
      • Jewish Hero Corps: The Secret of the Solar Succah by Alan Oirich 
      • K’tonton’s Sukkot Adventure by Sadie Rose Weilerstein
      • Leo & Blossom’s Sukkah by Jane Breskin Zalben
      • The Mysterious Guests: A Sukkot Story by Eric Kimmel
      • Night Lights: A Sukkot Story by Barbara Diamond Goldin
      • On Sukkot and Simchat Torah by Cathy Goldberg Fishman
      • Sadie’s Sukkah Breakfast by Jamie Korngold
      • Sammy Spider’s First Sukkot by Sylvia Rouss
      • Shanghai Sukkah by Heidi Smith Hyde 
      • Sky-High Sukkah by Rachel Ornstein Packer
      • The Sukkah and the Big Wind by Lily Edelmany
      • Sukkot: A Family Seder by Judith Abrams 
      • Sukkot Treasure Hunt by Allison Ofanansky
      • Tikvah Means Hope by Patricia Polacco 
      • The Vanishing Gourds: A Sukkot Mystery by Susan Axe-Bronk 
      • The Very Crowded Sukkah by Leslie Kimmelman 
      • A Watermelon in The Sukkah by Sylvia Rouss 
      • Who’s Got the Etrog? By Jane Kohuth 
      • Maya Prays for Rain by Susan Tarcov 
    • Chapter Books (ages 7-10)
      • Shake a Palm Branch: The Story and Meaning of Sukkot by Miriam Chaikin
      • Shaking in the Shack by Dori Weinstein 
      • A Tale of Three Wishes by Isaac Bashevis Singer
      • Tanta Teva and the Magic Booth by Joel Lurie Grishaver
Simchat Torah
  • PJ Library has a blog post about 7 fun things to do on Simchat Torah
  • T-Time for Kidz teaches you all about Simchat Torah
  • BimBam’s Godcast video series explains Simchat Torah by telling the story of Bereshit, the beginning
  • Sylvia Rouss, the author of the Sammy Spider series, wrote an original children’s story about Simchat Torah called “The Little Torah”
  • Benny’s Educational Toys has toys, games, and crafts for Simchat Torah
  • Fisher Library Books
    • Picture and Board Books (ages 0-6)
      • Simchat Torah Is Coming! by Tracy Newman
      • Sammy Spider’s First Simchat Torah by Sylvia Rouss
      • The Patchwork Torah by Allison Ofanansky 
      • When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street by Elsa Okon Rael