Bagelicious is a new pop-up coffee and bagel bar available in the CoM lobby every Sunday during the school year. Customers can choose from an assortment of delicious kosher Bagel Beanery bagels and schmear with coffee for only $2. It’s a great way to meet and hang out with the friends you know and friends you haven’t yet met.

As a Bagelicious volunteer, you’ll be responsible for either picking up and delivering the bagels to CoM or setting up the serving space in the lobby. No special skills are required. Bagelicious is self-serve, so once everything is set up, Bagelicious volunteers are free to socialize until the 12:00 pm closing time.

No long-term commitment is required. Whether you’re a once-a-month or a once-a-year Bagelicious volunteer, your help will make a difference.

Sign up today! It’s an easy, enjoyable way to help out and have a good time.

Thank you !

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Pickup Person:
  1. Thursday or Friday: Confirm the bagel order at Bagel Beanery (269) 385-4400 at 812 S. Westnedge. Make sure that they don't include any cheese bagels, and that the order will be ready for pickup on Saturday afternoon.
  2. Pick up the order at 4:30 PM Saturday night and drop the bagels off at CoM. Bagel Beanery closes at 5:00 PM. When you arrive at CoM, be sure to sign in to the Mitbach (Kitchen) and wash your hands and wear gloves when handling the bagels. If you need help or have concerns about working in the Mitbach, contact the Kitchen Committee here.
Setup Person:
  1. Arrive at CoM at 8:00 AM. Get a pot of coffee going in the Mitbach (Kitchen), and put it into a carafe.
  2. Put out a table in the lobby with a tablecloth. Tablecloths are available at the stage entrance at the top of the stairs in the tall gray cabinet.
  3. Set out bagels,cream cheese, and coffee. Put out plates, knives, coffee cups and napkins.
  4. Set out the sign with pricing, and a basket for money. Baskets are on the rack near the Mitbach door.
  5. Get the periodical display out near the bagels (It's in front of the library).
  6. Greet people!

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